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  • Waves Expert Program :

    Java is currently a leading programming language used by developers all over the world for developing new applications. The primary advantage of Java application development is that it is free and its syntax bears resemblance to various C-based programming languages, making it easierfor developers to understand and implement.

    We always Committed to provide practical training to students which is as per the industry making us the best Java Training institute in Pune. We are expanding our arms to give the same practical Java training in Mumbai and to other locations also.


    4 Months Approx
    (2-3 hr daily, 5 days a week)


    BE/B.Tech/MCA/B.Sc.(IT) or, Graduates/Post Graduates of any discipline wanting to make a career in the IT industry

  • Java Basic

    ❯  Learn Java Programming Basics Online
    ❯  Introduction to OOPs AND JAVA ❯  Understanding the Fundamentals
    ❯  Working with Access Specifies and Functions
    ❯  Constructors and Inheritance
    ❯  Exception Handling
    ❯  Graphical User Interface Programming (GUI)
    ❯  Event Handling
    ❯  Working with Threads                    ❯  File Handling
    ❯  Collections                                       ❯  Networking with Java

    Java Advance

    ❯  Java (Advanced) Online Training
    ❯  Introduction to J2EE, J2SE
    ❯  Remote Method Invocation (RMI)
    ❯  Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)
    ❯  Java Programming                             ❯  Distributed Computing in Java
    ❯  JavaBeans                                           ❯  MVC architecture
    ❯  Creating Web Applications using JSF and Struts
    ❯  Introduction to Frameworks
    ❯  Developing AJAX Applications using Java
    ❯  Developing Web Components with Servlets and JSP - spring & Hibernate
    ❯  Database development using Microsoft SQL server
    ❯  Working with Database and Security in Java

    Course Highlights

    ❯  Be a JAVA expert in just 90 days!   ❯  Assignment-based learning
    ❯  Leads to Global Certification          ❯  Certified Faculty
    ❯  On Track & Quality Training           ❯  Industry Relevant Skills